Candida albicans : Epidemiology, Pathogenesis, Laboratory Diagnosis & Treatment

Candida species are group of opportunistic fungi and the most common fungi pathogens that affect human. Candida species takes advantage of the host’s debilitated conditions to gain access to the circulation and deep tissues.  …

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KOH-Calcofluor White Stain : Principle,Procedure & Results

Koh-Calcofluor White Stain is used to detect the presence of Acanthamoeba fungal elements and cysts in clinical specimens. Principle of Koh-Calcofluor White Stain The alkali potassium hydroxide (10 percent KOH) aids in the digestion of…

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17 Common Fungal Culture Media Used In Mycology

The clinical laboratory has access to a variety of enrichment and selective media for the isolation and identification of pathogenic fungi. The majority of the media mentioned in this article are commercially available in dehydrated…

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