Blood cells and their function

Hematology is a branch of medicine that deals with blood, blood forming organs and diseases of the blood. The process of formation of blood cells is known as haemopoiesis.  All blood cells are derived from…

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Types of Anticoagulant, Additives and Their Adverse Effects

Evacuated blood collection tubes without anticoagulant are used to produce serum (or as a discard tube), whereas other types of evacuated tubes may contain an anticoagulant or additive. The additives range from those that promote…

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macrocytic anaemia

Macrocytic anaemia : Causes , Diagnosis and Treatment

Macrocytic anaemia (Macrocytosis) is described as an increase in the mean cell volume of red cells above the normal range (80-95 fl (femtolitres) in adults). It is detected with a blood count, which measures the…

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